hi high point


How they like this program?

I like this program. Because I know mane thank. I lean how to change a pictures other.  More how to all picture’s to change color and drawing. I thank this good expertness for a future. Because that is important to know in future what they have to do. Maybe that is important to help in future to do this program.

Hello High Point

It’s been a fun few weeks but we TOTALLY deviated from our plan to focus on web page creation. Hopefully it was still fun and informational and maybe we can expand on it more in the future. I’d love the chance to focus more on the graphics side of things and try to teach some people how to do some digital artwork using Photoshop and Illustrator. (This will also force me to practice, which is a good thing). 😀

Almost to the Finish Line!!


It’s Day 5 Here at Youth ‘N Digital Arts Program!

Time just flew by. I can’t believe we’ve been in program for this long already. It feels like we just started. I have been so happy to see the youth engaging in blogging and photoshop these past few weeks. I have learned a lot myself.


I want to thank our gracious Volunteers Greg & Wilbur for dedicating their time and energy to showing up every week and offering the youth their expertise. We could NOT have done it without them.

Youth ‘N Digital Arts has been so much fun. I am hoping the youth have found it to be as well.


Until next time……

About Me

Hey everyone,

I am Lizy Maciejewski and I am in 7th grade and I go to McMurray Middle School.

Everyday, I wake up and catch a ferry to go to school.

I like to play Tennis and Volleyball.

In my free time I enjoy to play my favorite games on the computer such as


When I am away from the computer, I usually play outside with my best friends

Delynn and Ari.

Every Tuesday, I go and help with children, 12 and under.

Every Wednesday, I go and have fun with other kids my age at my church.

My favorite colors are Orange and Pink.

Some unique things about me are:

  • I love to do homework
  • I love school
  • I always try my best to get good grades
  • I put effort into everything I do
  • I love meeting new people
  • I have 2 cats and 1 dog
  • My cat’s names are Ralphie and Sadie
  • My dog’s name is Ivan

About me (Greg)

Hello there,

My name is Greg and here are a few things about me:
◾I work for the City of Seattle as a Systems Analyst
◾I’m not a web designer, but I do have a degree in studio art and have dabbled in web page creation over the years. (some of my stuff is on http:\\www.gregonometry.com)
◾I have 2 cats, and 4 chickens (the chickens are pretty new, only 2 months old)
◾I have 1 brother and 2 nieces